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Multiplex is a leading global construction company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, specialising in high-rise Multiplex-(1).pngand high-end residential buildings. With such a large employee base, it's imperative that Multiplex manage their permits and contractors. We spoke to Ali Ghate, SHEQ Technical Manager, about how they utilise Alcumus Info Exchange.
Ali, tell us why you chose to implement Permit To Work...

It’s a critical module and the most used for Multiplex. We have over 350 permits per day sent through across the 6 sites that use it. Up until 2017 when we began the implementation, we coordinated the work with sub-contractors working at height or in confined spaces using notepads. It was a huge administrative task, and since transferring to Info Exchange it’s saved us a lot of time. We can review permits remotely, which has significantly improved the time spent on what was previously a laborious task.

What’s also helpful is that we can look at the status of the permit and filter by status such as approved or rejected. Previously this was logged on Excel, which caused significant delays.
That's great, sounds like it's really improving your system! How will you be using Info Exchange in 2019?

Going forward into this year, we’re looking into developing the Inspection and NCR modules – again these are currently logged on Excel so it’ll be great to transfer this on to Info Exchange and ensure consistency throughout our organisation