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Find out how Alcumus Sypol supports Polypipe to effectively manage COSHH

polypipe-(1).pngPolypipe is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of piping systems, water and climate management systems, delivering engineered solutions that enable a sustainable built environment. Polypipe has an established international market position, employing 3,500 staff across 12 different sites.

At Polypipe, the management of COSHH is a key strategy to maintain and improve the wellbeing of their employees.  They acknowledge that this strategy is heavily policed by the HSE and as a business they take it very seriously.

Polypipe found it challenging to manage and understand what chemicals they had in use within their business, particularly within their various shop floors and departments. They also struggled to access key information from their chemical providers that enabled them to produce the technical COSHH assessments that they required for the everyday running of their business.

“I would recommend Alcumus Sypol to other manufacturers; the sheer vast knowledge that sits behind it in terms of the helpdesk and the speed at which COSHH assessments are delivered and sent out has proved invaluable to our business.”
Kris Ramsey, Head of HSE Polypipe

How does Alcumus Sypol help Polypipe manage COSHH?

Polypipe required extra support and guidance to ensure that they were managing their hazardous substances safely and compliantly.

They use a large number of hazardous products in their organisation, so making sure that they had fully robust COSHH assessments available to them at all times was crucial for them to maintain their people focused health and safety strategy.

They also required support from a team of technical experts who were available on the phone or email to help and advise on delivering bespoke COSHH assessments; having access to the Sypol helpdesk team seven days a week gives Polypipe that support.  

The benefits of using Alcumus Sypol

Alcumus Sypol gives Polypipe confidence that at the end of the phone or email there are a team of experts who will provide fully robust COSHH assessments for any hazardous products that they use. 


Previously, Polypipe would have had to complete COSHH assessments within their own team, which for most of their employees would have been out of their expertise and comfort zone. Having professional support from the Sypol team and knowing that their COSHH assessments have been checked by a competent person gives Polypipe complete confidence that their COSHH strategy is being implemented compliantly.

Find out how Alcumus Sypol can support your business to build a more effective COSHH strategy.