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  • Certifications and accreditations do more than prove success – they create success. No matter your area of business, gaining the trust of stakeholders and potential customers is essential to your success. Certifications and accreditations help build trust in these key relationships by providing tangible evidence of your organisation’s capability. 

  • Certification and accreditation is for everyone. Alcumus provides certification and accreditation services for organisations of all sizes, operating in all industries. Our extensive range of certifications and accreditations means we can almost always offer a service that fits your business goals.

  • We practice what we preach. We want people to have confidence in your organisation, but we also want you to have confidence in us. That’s why our certification services are accredited by UKAS, the UK’s national accreditation body for certification providers. We are also a member of SSIP, ensuring that our accreditation services also follow best practice.


Alcumus offers certification to ISO standards and British standards through our UKAS accredited certification provider, Alcumus ISOQAR. 

Some of the standards we certify: 


Supply Chain Management


Let Alcumus SafeContractor take care of your pre-qualification process

Contractor Accreditation

Alcumus SafeContractor offers health and safety accreditation for contractors.

What is SafeContractor accreditation?

SafeContractor accreditation acts as proof of your organisational capability for health and safety. Alcumus SafeContractor’s in-house technical experts audit your health and safety processes to assess your competence.

Why become SafeContractor accredited?

SafeContractor accreditation reassures clients that you are following health and safety best practice. The assessment incorporates the core criteria for assessing health and safety organisational capability, as recommended by the HSE and SSIP. This means that most clients will accept SafeContractor in place of a pre-qualification health and safety questionnaire (PQQ), saving you time on paperwork.

Benefits of SafeContractor

  • Proof of your organisational capability for health and safety

  • Saves you time on paperwork – less PQQs to fill in

  • Required by major UK businesses such as Weetabix

  • Highly desired and widely accepted throughout the UK