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Standards specific to the food and drink industry

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ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

Ensure the quality, safety and reliability of products from 'farm to fork' with the food safety management standard, ISO 22000. 

ISO 22000 addresses the risks associated with foodborne hazards. Implementing the standard ensures that the interdependent methods between food producers, suppliers, and customers are understood and managed.

ISO 22000 therefore ensures the integrity of the food supply chain from ‘farm to fork’.

Certification to ISO 22000:


  • ​Provides confidence to customers and other stakeholders that the organisation has the ability to control food safety hazards and provide safe products

  • Ensures adequate control at all stages of the food supply chain to prevent the introduction of food safety hazards

  • Enhances corporate profile as a supplier of choice throughout the global food chain



Contaminated food can kill - avoid contamination and help prevent costly recalls and prosecutions with HACCP.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a widely recognised food safety management system that helps you demonstrate that you keep your food safe from hazards. It’s about demonstrating to others that you understand what could make your food unsafe to eat, and making sure that you stop food becoming detrimental and dangerous to health.

The most important aspect of HACCP is that it is a preventative system rather than an inspection system of controlling food safety hazards. HACCP is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards, so that key actions, known as Critical Control Points (CCPs) can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of the hazards being realised. The system is used at all stages of food production and preparation processes including packaging and distribution.

Certification to HACCP:


  • Demonstrates that you have identified critical areas of risk in your operations relating to food

  • Helps reduce costs by avoiding product recalls, wastage and contamination related issues

  • Provides confidence that you produce safe, high quality food products which meet stringent specifications


FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification

Restore consumer confidence in food manufacturing by demonstrating the integrity of your operations with FSSC 22000.

FSSC 22000 combines the requirements of ISO 22000 and PAS 220 (prerequisite programmes on food safety for food manufacturing).

The scheme will be relevant to you if you process or manufacture: perishable animal products, excluding slaughtering and pre-slaughtering, perishable vegetal products, products with long shelf life at ambient temperature and (bio)chemical products for food manufacturing. FSSC has been given full recognition by the Global Food Safety Initiative and is supported by the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the European Union (CIAA).

Certification to FSSC 22000:


  • Helps protect your brand reputation and maintains customer confidence in your business

  • Improves your supply chain management and enhances your profile as a trusted supplier

  • Provides greater transparency in your food manufacturing processes thereby reducing the business risks associated with food scares


IFS International Food Standard

Grow your business by gaining access to international markets with the IFS food standard.

IFS Food is a Standard for auditing retailer and wholesaler branded food product suppliers. The standard is recognized by the Global Food Safe Initiative (GFSI) and is a required element to supply many international retail chains.

The standard applies to all stages of food processing with the exception of primary production. The principal requirements of the IFS Standard are the adoption of HACCP, a documented quality management system and control of factory environmental standards, product, process and personnel.

Certification to IFS Food:

  • Provides reassurance that the production process meets the appropriate legal requirements and customer specifications

  • Assists in building good relationships with retail chains – often a condition of cooperation within today’s sales market

  • Improves the competitiveness of organisations domestically and abroad, facilitating entry into new foreign markets

  • Is a required element to be able to supply many international retail chains including Auchan, Lidl, Kaufland, Carrefour, and Metro Cash & Carry.


BRC Food Safety Standard

Give your retailers confidence that you are managing risks within your food supply chain with the BRC food safety standard. 


The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety can help you demonstrate your food safety credentials using a single, internationally recognised food safety management system. The standard helps prove your level of competence in HACCP, hygiene, food safety and quality systems. Recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), BRC Food aims to harmonise international food safety standards with the support of the world’s top retailers and food manufacturers.

Whether you’re an established global supplier or based in an emerging market, the standard will ensure your customers have confidence in your food safety programme and supply chain management. It will also help you reduce waste, complaints, recalls and rejected products.

Certification to BRC Food Safety

  • Helps improve supplier standards and consistency and avoids product failure and recalls

  • Global recognition of the standard eliminates the need for food manufacturers to undertake multiple audits

  • Supports retailer objectives at all levels of the manufacturing supply chain


BRC Packaging Standard

Demonstrate that your packaging is safe and fit for purpose with the BRC packaging standard.

BRC’s Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials sets out hygiene, safety and quality requirements for packaging manufacturers supplying the consumer products industries. A key aim of the standard is to help protect consumers by providing a common basis of evaluation, recognised and benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is globally accepted and has been adopted by major retailers, manufacturers and packaging businesses.

Certification to BRC Packaging:

  • Aids manufacturers’ fulfilment of legal obligations and helps provide protection to the consumer

  • Demonstrates your commitment to producing a safe, legal and functional product

  • Ensures continual improvement of quality, hygiene and product safety standards and processes


BRC Storage and Distribution Standard

Demonstrate best practice supply chain management with the BRC storage and distribution standard.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Storage and Distribution standard is applicable to food and non-food products. The standard helps ensure supplier compliance, taking into consideration warehousing, transportation and distribution. The standard contains separate modules for the different sectors within the supply chain, namely storage, distribution, wholesaling and contracted specialist services offered by storage companies such as: product inspection/sorting; contract packing (repacking, assembly packing; quantity control inspection; contract chilling/freezing/defrost operations).

Certification to BRC storage and distribution:

  • Provides evidence of commitment and, in case of a food safety incident, legal defence in the frame of the due diligence concept

  • Helps improve operational efficiency and best practice therefore reducing costs

  • Helps preempt and manage safety risks


Food Standards

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