ISO 50001

Energy Management Systems

What is ISO 50001?

The ISO 50001 Energy Management standard provides a management framework to help your business identify what energy is being used and where. It will highlight if energy is being wasted and facilitate appropriate solutions to monitor and continually improve your energy management processes.

Benefits of implementing ISO 50001:

  • Saves you money through less energy waste and improved procurement procedures

  • Reduces your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment

How does ISO 50001 differ from ISO 14001?

ISO 50001 specifically focuses on your organisation’s ability to manage energy sources and energy use. ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard, focuses on the overall environmental impact of your organisation. ISO 14001 includes energy topics but does not prescribe detailed specifications for an energy management system. 

ISO 50001 can be used in conjunction with other ISO management standards to help identify further opportunities for energy savings, or as a stand-alone management system standard for organisations that are concerned about energy costs.

ISO 50001 Certification

Why get certified to ISO 50001?

  • Helps you demonstrate compliance with energy legislation and reduces the likelihood of fines

  • Enhances your reputation as an organisation which uses sustainable energy sources

  • Strengthens tender bids and applications for work 

Why get certified with Alcumus?

Our certification body Alcumus ISOQAR is accredited by the UK’s national accreditation body, UKAS.
Being UKAS-accredited means that ISOQAR has been judged to be a competent certification body by a highly-qualified independent source. We provide accurate and impartial certification services that you and your stakeholders can trust.

ISO 50001 Revision

In 2016, five years after the standard was first published, ISO 50001 has become the latest to enter the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) revisions process.

Under the care of the ISO Technical Committee, ISO 50001 will follow the same revisions process as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

ISO 50001:2019 is likely to be published in January 2019.


ISO 50001

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