Hazardous substance management – The view from industry

How businesses are adapting to the challenge of COSHH compliance while protecting the health of their workforce
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With an ever-increasing focus on the protection of workers’ health, the management of hazardous substances is arguably higher on the business agenda than ever before.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has publicly stated that the prevention of work-related ill health will form a key part of their short to medium term strategy. The introduction of new sentencing guidelines in February 2016 has seen a dramatic increase in the penalties that companies can now expect to face in the event of non-compliance. For example, fines relating to HSE prosecutions have risen by 500% in the last five years, peaking at £72.6 million in 2017/18. Based on current trends, fines will exceed £100 million within the next two years.

Through a series of face-to-face workshops and e-surveys, Alcumus Sypol spoke with more than 130 businesses to understand what drives their COSHH agenda, what challenges they face and what barriers they need to overcome in order to protect their staff. The result is the most comprehensive view of COSHH management in the UK that has been compiled over the last 12 months.

This whitepaper tackles a number of key questions that companies will find useful when reviewing their own COSHH management strategy:
  • How much awareness of hazardous substances is there across UK businesses?
  • What drives a proactive approach to the protection of worker health?
  • What prevents effective COSHH management in your business?
  • How can software and technology be used to prevent work-related ill health?
  • What do health and safety professionals need to manage COSHH more effectively?