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No matter what sector you operate in, accidents and incidents are an occurrence that organisations want to avoid. As technology develops, businesses have the opportunity to work across multiple sites and locations, resulting in increased difficulty in having an overarching view of operations and risk management. As such, the traditional approach towards accident and incident management results in many challenges for an organisation.

  • Disparate systems - The use of spreadsheets and paper-based forms means that different records are being completed, often of a different quality.

  • Reporting inaccuracies - Without high quality reports, an organisation cannot truly understand the how what and why accidents occur, increasing the likelihood of them happening again.  

  • Lack of real-time data -  this can result in delays when contacting the necessary parties and also limits the evidence that can be collected as items may be forgotten.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus Info Exchange offers a sophisticated software solution that helps a business mitigate these challenges

Offline reporting

Remotely accessible forms mean that, no matter the location of the site, real time data can be captured as soon as the accident or incident has occurred, improving the accuracy and reporting of key information.


Collection of real time data

By placing technology in the hands of the worker, you can ensure that every piece of vital data, including photos, is captured straight away. This improves the accuracy of the data collected and enables instant access to key information.

RIDDOR reporting

If an accident or incident meets certain criteria, it will trigger an immediate investigation. The system brings potential RIDDORs to the top of the list, giving health and safety managers reassurance they won't miss a serious event.

Notifications and actions

When an event is recorded, a set of notifications are triggered to relevant parties to action. Senior team members have an overarching view, seeing points where actions aren't remedied and can undertake the appropriate action, rectifying this.

Tracking lost time

This reduces administration time and enables a pro-active approach by providing the insight into how much time is lost. This means an organisation can create KPIs using this data, with the view to mitigate it in future.

Accident frequency rate (AFR) reporting

This functionality highlights how often the same event occurs, for example, a re-occurring fall from height. This enables health and safety managers to recognise repeat occurrences and action these issues, mitigating the chance of their re-occurrence.

Authority and Enforcement visit recording

If the HSE, or another enforcement body does visit your site, it is important that you have sufficient systems in place to track these instances and record any actions that may occur.   

Configurable dashboards for reporting

This enables each user to develop their own dashboards that clearly show their priorities. From this, they can report their own KPIs and actions relevant to them and see instances which may need actioning instantly.

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