Important Reminder: NEBOSH Diploma Unit D/DNI

The November 2017 submission date for Unit D assignments was the final opportunity to enter a report based on the 2010 Diploma syllabus.  Those who need to resubmit are able to do so in February, May and August 2018.

All first-time submissions MUST now be in accordance with the latest syllabus and comply with the Unit DNI specification.

In order to assist all candidates, we have produced a detailed Briefing on the successful completion of the Unit DNI assignment.  This is designed to accompany NEBOSH’s own guidance which includes a section-by-section breakdown as well as the examiners’ marking scheme.

The aim of the new assignment is for candidates to carry out a review of the arrangements for managing health and safety in a workplace and to produce justified, proportionate recommendations to improve health and safety performance.  It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding gained from their studies of Units A/IA, B/IB and C/IC of the National/International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety syllabus in a vocational setting.

The DNI assignment should contain:

  • An Executive Summary;

  • An introduction that sets the scene by stating clear aims and objectives and a description of the methodology used to carry out the assignment.  The introduction should also include a description of the chosen workplace and the role of the health and safety practitioner to set a context for the assignment;

  • A review and critical analysis of how health and safety is currently managed by the organisation in which the candidate reviews leadership, management, worker involvement, competence, compliance and risk profile;

  • An evaluation to identify the top three priorities where improvements should be made;

  • Conclusions that summarise the main issues identified and lead to justified, proportionate recommendations based on the outcome of the review;

  • Bibliography; and

  • Appendices.

Unit DNI assignments must be submitted directly to NEBOSH.  Please be aware that NEBOSH uses text-comparison software to detect any plagiarism.