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Tomorrow's Health and Safety 2019 Winner Info Exchange: Winner of the Tomorrow's Health and Safety Awards 2019

Built around your business for today and the future, Info Exchange has been developed to meet all your compliance and business intelligence needs in one integrated solution.

Our extensive suite of modules across three key areas of compliance: QSHE, Property and GRC, are designed to:


  • Protect your people

  • Encourage ownership

  • Demonstrate your legal obligations

  • Save you and your employees time, saving you money

  • Proactively manage your legal and financial risks

With offline and online capabilities, our software is easy for everyone to use across your organisation and beyond.

All of our modules are supported with a range of functionality including:

  • Workflow & email notification

  • Action management

  • Reports & dashboard application


Why Info Exchange?

We believe our software should be at the heart of your safety culture. It’s your Exchange powered by us.
We offer best practice functionality that is jointly configured. With no time consuming and expensive coding or development.
It’s tailored to seamlessly fit into your organisation using your branding and terminology
And as a result our clients experience:

  • Increased user adoption

  • Improved data collection

  • Smooth integration with their internal systems 

  • Associated cost savings with streamlining processes

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What are the benefits of Info Exchange?

The software interface is completely configurable to your brand colours, styles and terminology. Combined with the intuitive user experience, this means lengthy employee training is not required for successful implementation.

The software is hosted online, enabling you and your people to access Info Exchange anytime, anywhere, on any device. This makes reporting easy and accessible.

All data is stored on one platform, giving you complete visibility over your organisation. It’s easy to access records past and present, and you can even predict future trends through data analysis.

The platform is securely hosted on UK servers and certified to the ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard, so you can be confident that your data is protected. 


Offline Data Capture

Our configurable mobile app allows you to record surveys, incidents, audits and inspections using mobile devices and tablets - even when you are not connected to the internet.

Data capture forms can be created through the Info Exchange platform and pushed to the app, so you and your people can record information anytime, anywhere. 

The Info Exchange App

  • Is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android 

  • Has offline functionality for reporting in the field

  • Can save data securely in draft mode 

  • Automatically synchronises data when device is connected to Wi-Fi


View your data geographically in Google Maps with the Info Exchange geomapping feature. 

Info Exchange integrates with the Google Maps API to allow you to view and explore MI from a geographical perspective. Geomapping helps with strategic location planning and can be used for identifying areas of high density in your data spread. 

With Info Exchange you can:

  • Plot data using postcode or longitude/latitude

  • Configure maps with search filters 

  • Colour code pins for clear data representation

  • Click pins for overview and full record access

Revolutionise your Reporting

Manage all aspects of your business intelligence in one single platform 


Info Exchange software can be used as a platform for your property management and compliance needs. 

Info Exchange provides a single central repository for current and historical data and documation. The software allows you to manage key property compliance and lease management information, from audits and inspection records through to commercial lease contracts. 

  • Create flexible audit, inspection and service programmes for each property

  • Upload related documentation such as inspection reports and risk assessments

  • Automated action management and email notifications can be configured to your processes and business structure

  • Keep control of progress and costs related to your property refurbishment, relocation and construction projects

  • Integrate Info Exchange with your current systems

  • Monitor and maintain your physical assets, estates and facilities in line with your regulatory obligations

  • Upload and manage equipment schedules and maintenance records

  • Manage all aspects of your property tenure, including: property details, rent reviews, payment history, insurance, rates and service charges and professional fees

Optimise health and safety performance and fulfil your legal obligations with our tailored compliance software. 

Info Exchange allows you to record and track the health and safety of your employees throughout the years, giving you complete visibility of your organisations compliance. 


  • Log all accidents, incidents and near misses in a consistent and secure manner

  • Automatically begin investigation procedures with our workflow functionality 

  • Keep records of all audits, inspections and monitoring activities 

  • Securely store documents past and present for instant access and review

  • Create and assign actions using workflow functionality and email notifications


  • Create, prioritise and share risk assessments

  • Create standardised assessments to encourage consistency 

  • Manage procedures with workflow functionality 

  • Link claims to associated incidents/occupational health records for robust defence against litigation

  • Manage all correspondence and associated actions resulting from statutory and enforcement visits

With Info Exchange you can mitigate and manage risks associated with loss prevention, and predict potential trends in crime. 

Our software provides access to real time, consistent and accurate data. This enables profit protection analysts and loss investigators to quickly identify and analyse trends relating to security incidents in order to investigate them effectively and strengthen loss prevention strategies.
  • Keep records of stock and cash loss 

  • Automate the initiation of investigations

  • Store litigation evidence to facilitate successful prosecutions

  • Store evidence relating to incidents in a variety of formats, including CCTV footage and audio recordings

  • Optional SharePoint integration

  • Analyse data sets for relationships and causality

  • Push out email notifications where trends have been spotted

  • Our geomapping functionality will allow you to overlay data on a geographical map

  • Schedule vehicle maintenance, acquisition and disposal with Info Exchange's automatic workflows

  • Keep mileage records

  • Store compliance information and documents such as MOT, VOSA and inspection records

  • Manage fuel cards

  • Keep track of expenses

  • Record vehicle finance/leasing costs

  • Accident and incident reporting

  • Store licence information and history

  • Keep training records

  • Duty allocation recording and workflows


Info Exchange enables you to audit and evaluate suppliers against multiple criteria, including safety, environment, quality, social accountability, security and business continuity – essentially, any aspect that can threaten your ability to continue to operate or cause reputational damage.

We equip you with the ability to analyse supplier and contractor risk, and make informed decisions on mitigating those risks.

  • Strong security/permission controls enable you to give suppliers and contractors limited access 

  • Suppliers and contractors can be given access to assessments and questionnaires set to your organisational standards

  • They can upload associated documents (certificates, qualifications, licences etc), as well as submit statutory compliance evidence of works carried out

  • All information relating to suppliers is securely stored exactly where you need it, in Info Exhchange

  • Securely store all contracts and terms

  • Automate purchase processes to free up your procurement team

  • Store expiry and renewal dates and create automated workflows based on these dates

  • Your internal audit teams (or outsourced audit resource) will have complete visibility of supplier and contractor risk ratings and profiles

  • Sophisticated workflows and email notifications will also enable you to systemise corrective action management

  • Monitor waste processing 

  • Auto-classify against EWC (European Waste Catalogue) coding

  • Report via pre-configured calculations, eg. volume, waste type, percent diverted from landfill

  • Report sustainability data and compare with targets 

  • Support CSR reporting statements and reduction strategies

  • Store policy documents

  • Collect consumption data

  • Automate CO2 calculations

  • Run reports for KPI measurement and cost control 


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