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Our air quality monitoring services

Our team of expert occupational hygienists employ a range of sampling techniques to analyse the air. The results will then be compared against the Workplace Exposure Limits, which have recently been revised to implement the fourth IOELV Directive. Where necessary, our occupational hygienists will also suggest practical means to prevent or reduce exposure to such hazardous substances.

We can provide:

  • Site walk-through surveys
  • Dust, fume, vapour, particulate and gas monitoring
  • Air quality surveys
  • Exposure quantification
  • Exposure specific COSHH assessments
  • Recommendations for improvement

Why do I need workplace air monitoring?

Air monitoring plays a part in ensuring compliance with COSHH regulations and can be used to demonstrate that the controls in place within your workplace are operating correctly.
  • Identify potential health risks and select the right controls
  • Ensure that new controls work effectively
  • Help choose the right level of respiratory protection
  • Protect the health of employees by ensuring that exposure limits are not exceeded
  • Conform to health and safety standards
  • Increase productivity levels
  • Lower sickness rates
  • Improve employee morale

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